Why Choose Conners & Co., Inc.

We’re a family-owned and operated business that has worked hard for over 55 years to establish an impeccable reputation in public finance.

If you’re looking for an underwriter who is always available and can do the job properly at the best interest rate available in today's market, you want Conners & Co., Inc. You’ll find that our clients are extremely satisfied with our work and they know that we’re prepared to help with any situation that may arise over the life of the issue.

From the inception of Conners & Co. in 1959, we’ve prided ourselves on our strong business ethics, always working with our clients in a forthright and upstanding manner. We’ve never had a bond issue default and always been principled in our business dealings. You can be sure that with Conners & Co., Inc. involved in your financing, the issue will be placed and closed in a timely and orderly fashion.

History of Conners & Co.

Conners & Co., Inc. was founded as an Investment Securities dealer in 1959 and has operated as a licensed dealer for over fifty-five years.

In 1965 the Conners & Co., Inc. moved its main office to 36 East Fourth Street and increased the capital and size of the firm.

In 1968 the company again increased its operation when Pohl & Company (which was founded in 1932) liquidated their firm and most of the employees came to Conners & Co., Inc. as officers or employees. The firm also increased its capital, laying the foundation for future growth in Investment Banking at Conners & Co., Inc.

In 1988 the employees of Charles A. Hinsch & Company, Inc. became associated with Conners & Co., Inc. and in 1989 Conners & Co., Inc. purchased A. E. Aub & Company.

In December of 2004 Conners & Co., Inc. chose to no longer be a self-clearing firm, and became fully disclosed to better serve our clients.

Presently Conners & Co., Inc. has 16 employees of which 11 are registered representatives and sell bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.

As underwriters, Conners & Co., Inc. has been very active in the State of Ohio and national municipal markets. We have been involved in issuing bonds from $50,000 to $500,000,000.

At Conners & Co., Inc., we confidently serve our clients with expertise in the Ohio Municipal Bond Market.



Over the last fifty-five-plus years, Conners & Co., Inc. has worked with a wide variety of clients to achieve their public finance goals. We’ve helped underwrite a large range of municipal projects for various purposes, including schools, hospitals, water, sewer, roads, buildings, jails, and refunding issues.

We’ve cultivated numerous long-term relationships with many municipalities in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. One relationship on which we pride ourselves is the partnership we have with Clermont County, one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Ohio. For more than forty years Conners & Co., Inc. has assisted Clermont County with numerous financings. We’ve provided the type of service to the county that we’ve believed in since we started in the business. We believe service is the only way to build long-term relationships, and each of our clients deserves the same quality and attention regardless of size.